AlfaTech Big Book: Education – K-12

K - 1 2 E D U C AT I O N


San Jose, CA

Type: New Construction, Humanities & Art Center Size: 49,700 SF

The Sobrato Center for Humanities & the Arts is a new building dedicated to the school’s art and music programs and features a thrust-stage and 440-seat theater. The theater facilities also include an orchestra pit, fly space, full off-stage space, and a full shop for set building. A second “Black Box” theatre, which is used for smaller and more experimental productions, Sanguine Humours performances and student- directed or student-written one-act plays, seats between 90 and 130 people.

Aragon High School


San Francisco, CA

Type: Renovation and Additions Size: 23,000 SF

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sustainable design for this extensive project incorporating interior and central core renovations, capital repairs, and classroom additions to the historic St. Joseph's Hall, the three-story building at the core of the Children's Day School campus. One of the sustainable features was a solar glass wall and canopy added to the school’s main south facing wall and covered by a double-skin PV glass facade which generates power for the classrooms.

Prospect High School

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