AlfaTech INSIGHTS: Quarter 2 | 2017

AlfaTech is a consulting engineering firm offering a range of complementary services and expertise in multiple markets. Our services include: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design, Technology, Architectural Lighting Design, Commissioning and Energy Solutions, as well as Sustainability.


QUARTER 2 | 2017


CELEBRATING 30 YEARS AlfaTech celebrated its 30 th anniversary on June 24 th with our valued clients and employees at the historic Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco. The total for all guests topped 350. The milestone was commemorated with dinner, drinks, music and dancing, including a special belly dance performance from Jeff Fini himself to music performed by Helm Middle Eastern Music. The evening also included the musical stylings of The Cheeseballs band, who performed hits from the ‘70s, ’80s, ‘90s and ’00s (who knew Reza could dance like that?).

WEDDING BELLS: Kyle Dutra, Mechanical Design Engineer in our San Jose office, is now engaged to be married. Jessica Olmos , Project Assistant in our San Jose office, is expec@ng her first child, a boy, due in October. Johana Quandt transi@oned to a full @me Electrical Engineer I in AlfaTech’s San Francisco office at the end of June. AusAn Stevenson is now a full @me Mechanical Engineer I in AlfaTech’s San Jose office as of the end of May. Chris Reiboldt joined AlfaTech’s San Francisco office as BIM Manager in mid- June. Jon Gill joined our San Jose office as Corporate Intern in mid-June. Junli Zhang joined our Los Angeles office as Electrical Engineer in mid-April. Kyu Lee joined our Los Angeles office as Mechanical Engineer I at the end of May. Cory Frederickson joined our San Jose office as a Mechanical Intern in mid-June. Safid Bakar joined our San Francisco office as Electrical Engineer in early May. Aleksander Donevic joined our San Jose office as Electrical Engineer I in mid-June. Manuel Rodriguez joined our San Jose office as Mechanical Design Engineer in late April. People in the News

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311 S. Mathilda Avenue, Sunnyvale —rendering used with permission for in-house ose use only

SAN JOSE Confiden@al Client: Greenwolf Cherry Street, Santa Clara Google 1001 N. Shoreline, Mountain View Facebook: Various Data Centers LOS ANGELES MedMen, Culver City Jamestown Brunswig Square Misc. MEP Projects, Los Angeles Jerde Architects: Offices, Downtown Los Angeles US Federal Reserve Bank: Offices, Downtown Los Angeles SAN FRANCISCO 311 S Mathilda Ave., Sunnyvale: Mixed Use with Lane Partners 2150 Webster, Oakland: TI with Gensler LinkedIn Bldg A, B & C, Mathilda Ave., Sunnyvale: TI with RMW TECHNOLOGY AirBnB India LinkedIn, Various Projects Sonic Wall Lab/Office Reloca@on, Santa Clara ENERGY SOLUTIONS/CX 1125 Merrill, Menlo Park Confiden@al Client: Greenwolf Cherry Street, Santa Clara Google: North Shoreline TI, Mountain View ATPD Lumentum: Slovenia, China and Thailand (see story page 3) Google: New Campus, S@erlin Court, Mountain View NEW PROJECTS/CLIENTS

Celebra.on – con.nued from page 1 The cuisine was prepared by the famed Michael Mina and his team, and included his signature truffle rolls, as well as his widely known tuna tartare dish. We were lucky to have so many AlfaTech re@rees join us to celebrate. Overall, good @mes were had by all. Many thanks to Beverly Nunes Sequeira, who @relessly pulled together this grand event, ensured the décor was spectacular, and all details were the utmost special.

We’re all looking forward to the next thirty …

AlfaTech throughout the years…

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AT-PD / ALFATECH Team Lands Lumentum in Europe and Asia

Lumentum China

AlfaTech was recently selected to provide project management and lead the design team, including our in-house engineering, for three tenant improvement projects in Slovenia, China and Thailand, for long@me client Lumentum (formerly JDSU). These campuses will include cleanrooms, offices, research and development spaces, fiber fabrica@on spaces, as well as break rooms, locker rooms and other support spaces.

Note: The details of this project, including the rendering above, must remain en.rely and must not be shared outside AlfaTech due to our NDA contract with our client.

Upcoming Holidays…

Replace one meal a day with a nonmeat, plant based, or seafood item, try doing Meatless Monday at home, or look for grass-fed meat labels and shop from local farmers.

Labor Day

Monday, September 4, 2017

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Day Aper, November 24, 2017

Christmas Day

Monday, December 25, 2017 (have you started your shopping yet?)

Spark Wellness is in full swing, with new and exci@ng health and fitness challenges! These include individual as well as team challenges. Why not start a friendly compe@@on with your coworkers? Your points add up to great rewards! If you have an idea for a new challenge, or have any ques@ons about the program, please reach out to your friendly Spark Wellness Commioee members: • Alison Eischens – • Leah White – • Jennifer Tran – • Kathleen Morelock – • Paula Venegas – • Raphaelle Hallaj – • Safid Bakar – • Sara Gonzalez – • Karen Nelsen (representa@ve Spark Wellness Coordinator) - SPARK WELLNESS


30 th ANNIVERSARY LOGO & your email signature Please ensure you have incorporated our new 30 Years of Success logo into your email signature block so we can share this important milestone with all our clients and associates. Instruc@ons were emailed to all June 26, but if you prefer, please contact your friendly neighborhood IT Department for assistance.

Just a reminder, for general IT help requests, you’re welcome to email

As a reminder, you can access your account any@me at Check the website open for new challenges!

This newsleoer covers the second quarter of 2017. About this Newsletter… It is intended to keep employees up to date on what is happening in the company, and with its most important asset: our employees. We will issue this newsleoer quarterly, or at least every other quarter. Please note this important detail: It is not intended to be printed, and is not for external distribu@on at any @me. If you’re interested in contribu@ng, or if there is informa@on you’d like to see in this newsleoer next @me, please let us know!


In May, Jeff and Alison presented important updates regarding changes to our 401k

plan administrator and payroll system.

AlfaTech has transi@oned to Quintes/Voya for our 401k needs, and the blackout period is now over. Employees are encouraged to review their account at Please refer to Alison’s email from July 12 for more informa@on on how to access your account. We are also no longer using SuiteHR for requests for @me off. All requests must now be made through Sharepoint. Please refer to Alison’s email from July 11 for more informa@on. Also, a friendly reminder: our Employee Referral program offers $1,000 to any employee whose referral is hired and stays employed for at least 90 days.

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