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AlfaTech is a consulting engineering firm offering a range of complementary services and expertise in multiple markets. Our services include: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design, Technology, Architectural Lighting Design, Commissioning and Energy Solutions, as well as Sustainability.

AL FATECH LOCAT IONS San Jose, California – HQ | San Francisco, California | Ventura, California | Monrovia, California | San Diego, California | Atlanta, Georgia


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Engineering Studio



Lighting Studio


Technology Studio

Sustainability Studio



Project Approach


Project Experience



Vela Tech Holdings, Inc. established as holding company for AlfaTech and other business units.


S&K Engineering of Monrovia and LFA Lighting of Ventura join our growing firm. Opens San Diego Office



Growth of leadership team. Further expansion into international markets with new and existing clients.


Through RSBG: adds strength of 65+ offices throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

AlfaTech was established in Silicon Valley in 1987 as a mechanical, electrical, and technology (low voltage, security, and A/V) design engineering firm. Responding to client needs, we grew our service offering to include architectural lighting design, sustainability, smart building, and project management services. In addition, we expanded into five California offices, including San Jose, San Francisco, Monrovia, Ventura, and San Diego. AlfaTech is gaining ground through organic, merger, and acquisition growth. Establishing Vela Tech company portfolio with parent company RSBG, our services reach the West Coast to the Midwest and the East Coast from partner offices in Seattle, Chicago, Reston, and Edison. We also have an international presence with offices throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. AlfaTech has a solid reputation forged by a corporate commitment to enduring client relationships and service excellence. We provide complete design, design-assist, and design/build project delivery services. Our project experience includes core and shell, tenant improvements, upgrades, repositioning, and restacks. Each AlfaTech project aims to achieve maximum energy performance, resource conservation, and pollution reduction, resulting in the highest energy savings and sustainability at all design phases while creating a balance of preservation, constructability, schedule, and budget. Given the dynamic nature of what we do, our AlfaTech teams are active listeners, and together with their focus on client and partner relations, are true team players.


Expands offices in Los Angeles and Japan. Celebrates 30 Years Success!


Develops partnerships in India, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Merges with Timmons Design. Expands San Francisco office to One Post Street Location


Develops Architectural Lighting Design group. Creates Ireland and Thailand partnerships.


Develops Sustainability / LEED and Energy Solutions groups.


Ranked as one of the Top Five Engineering Firms in Silicon Valley


Merges with MCT. AT-PD founded. Reports annual volume $150M


Named one of the Top 100 Largest Private Companies in San Francisco.


Named one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley.


Merges with S&H and MPL. Opens San Francisco office.


Creation of an in-house Technology Group focused on voice, data systems, and overall technology


Jeff Fini, PE, founds AlfaTech MEP Design in Silicon Valley


NORTH AMERICA San Jose, California - HQ San Francisco, California Ventura, California Monrovia, California San Diego, California Atlanta, Georgia Seattle, Washington Chicago, Illinois Reston, Virginia Edison, New Jersey EUROPE Leamington Spa, UK Stockport, UK Leeds, UK Wakefield, UK Sunderland, UK Nottingham, UK Manchester, UK Maidenhead, UK Birmingham, UK Bishop’s Stortford, UK London, UK Croydon, UK

Munich, Germany Berlin, Germany Cologne, Germany Frankfurt, Germany Wiesbaden, Germany Hamburg, Germany Ribnitz-Damgarten, Germany

Gujarat, India Dehradun, India Rajkot, India Visakhapatnam, India Tamil Nadu, India Gandhingar, India Manilla, Philippines Indonesia Laos Vietnam NORTH AFRICA Beau Bassin, Mauritis Cairo, Egypt MIDDLE EAST Dubai, UAE Abu Dhabi, UAE Al Ain, UAE Madinat Zayad, UAE Doha, Qatar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Amman, Jordan Baghdad, Iraq

Rostock, Germany Bochum, Germany Stralsund, Germany Copenhagen, Denmark Vienna, Austria Zurich, Switzerland

Madrid, Spain Paris, France Milan, Italy Athens, Greece Istanbul, Turkey Moscow, Russia

ASIA Dhaka, Bangladesh Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh Mumbai, India New Delhi, India Pune, India Andra Pradesh, India

Exeter, UK Luton, UK Edinburgh, UK



Mission Critical




Higher Education

K-12 Education

Mixed-Use + Retail


Life Sciences




Advanced Technology


Industrial + Manufacturing


Elizabeth Monti, MBA Sr Principal Corporate Business Development

Jeff Fini, MBA, PE Founder and Chairman

Tim Chadwick, PE, LEED AP CEO, San Jose Mechanical Engineer

Vic A. Sibilla, PE, LEED AP Chief Strategy and Development Officer

Kevin Keyfauver, PE, LEED AP Managing Partner, Monrovia Electrical Engineer

TG Davallou, LEED AP Managing Partner, San Francisco Mechanical Engineer

Saied Nazeri, PE, CPD, LEED AP Managing Partner, San Francisco Mechanical Engineer

Diarmuid Hartley Managing Partner, Los Angeles Mechanical Engineer

Manojit Sinha, PhD, PE, LEED AP Managing Partner, Monrovia Mechanical Engineer

Gerald (Jerry) D. Hartford, Jr. PE, LEED AP Managing Director, San Diego Mechanical Engineer

Rich Garrison Managing Partner Technology

Vince Tarango, IES, IALD Managing Director, SoCal Architectural Lighting

Paul Artelles Principal, SoCal Director of Business Development

Terry Stelter Sr Principal, San Jose Science and Technology

Rohini Pendyala, MIES Principal, NorCal Architectural Lighting

Pam Brandon, SE, LEED AP Partner, San Francisco Project Management


ENGINEERING STUDIO AlfaTech’s Engineering Services is the apex supplier of high-quality, professional engineering services that help buildings thrive. We partner with clients to turn their visions into a tangible reality. As one of the leading MEP consultants in the Western U.S., AlfaTech strives to improve the life of hundreds of thousands of Americans every day through the buildings we design. Coining the expression “Innovation & Excellence,” AlfaTech is the apex supplier of high -quality, professional engineering services that help buildings thrive. AlfaTech partners with ambitious clients to turn visions into reality. To us, conscious design elements are indispensable in meeting the escalating expectations emerging within vibrant and diverse typologies. We believe the highest-efficiency buildings transpire from mirroring the sustainable features inherent to the world around us. Propelling cutting-edge solutions requires a thoughtful design that can interact with the physical environment. Elements like smart buildings, reduced reheat, and synergies before waste initiate perpetual savings. Eager to do our part, we pride ourselves on designing state-of-the-art facilities that reach unprecedented levels of integration. We think that sustainable design is more than just a phrase. It is a perspective. We are committed to rock-solid partnerships with our clients by delivering on our promise always to excel.














MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN HVAC Heating Systems Water and Gas Cooling Systems / Chilled Water Dehumidification Systems Contamination Sensitive Areas Industrial Hygiene Systems Low Tolerance Temp Control Title 24 Analysis and Design Heat Recovery Systems Central Utility Plants Air Handlers HVAC System Controls

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN Power Systems Emergency & Standby Power Lighting and Lighting Controls Security Systems 24 / 7 Power Systems (UPS) Power Monitoring Systems Toxic Gas Monitoring Graphic Control and Alarm Panels Grounding and Bonding Energy Management Energy Conservation Fire Alarm Systems Public Address Systems Plug Loads Control

PROCESS Industrial Waste Collection Acid Neutralization Bio-Kill Waste System Process Waste Containment Ultra pure De-ionized Water Systems USP Water WFI Water Specialty Chemicals Chemical Storage Lab and Special Gas Systems Ultra High Purity Gas Piping Bulk & Specialty Gases Toxic Materials Handling Code Compliance Process Distribution Piping Process Cooling Water Medical Gas Medical Vacuum Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal system (WAGD) Dental Vacuum System Dental Water System

COMMISSIONING ENERGY SOLUTIONS Early Quantifiable Energy Study Incentives Energy Star® Assessments Retro-commissioning (RCx) Monitoring Brand Continuous Commissioning (MBCCx) ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 Energy Audits Measurement and Verification (M&V) of installed projects Energy Modeling Net Zero Energy Budgeting HVAC/Chilled Water Plant Optimization

PLC Programming Fire Protection and Plumbing


Balancing occupant

experience with efficiency,

AlfaTech Lighting Studio

takes a holistic approach to

lighting design. From

generating a basis of

design through construction

documents to post-

occupancy. AlfaTech

Lighting Studio applies

daylighting strategies and

prioritizes sustainability

and energy-efficient


LIGHTING STUDIO AlfaTech’s Lighting Studio provides aesthetically pleasing and sustainable design solutions for some of the world’s most complex and high-performing buildings. AlfaTech Lighting Studio brings a creative spirit to each project. We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of project requirements and goals. The Lighting Studio works with the design team to chart the best course based on our client’s objectives, the architect’s design, building systems, facility operational strategies, sustainability goals, and energy efficiency. Every building is unique, each having its own aesthetic and operational preferences. Lighting Studio considers preferences with great attention and detail. We are well-versed in coordinating with a range of consultants handling mechanical, electrical, plumbing, acoustical, structural, landscape, civil, security, and signage. The Lighting Studio possesses a wide range of project experience, offering a range of design and analytical services supporting a project from beginning to post-occupancy. Services include schematic daylighting design studies, facility orientation, and daylighting modeling to yield favorable LEED accreditation outcomes. AlfaTech Lighting Studio delivers solutions to address a range of goals, reducing energy consumption by harvesting daylight. Our Lighting Studio aims to delight occupants by bringing the daylight into a space by evenly distributing light while mitigating glare by considering how the eye adapts. We believe design should seamlessly transition from daylight to electric lighting, dynamically considering the sun’s rotation as it engages with a space. Our approach ensures a stimulating space that plays with light and shadow. Additionally, outdoor views have positive effects. Lighting Studio values and brings a biophilic design connecting occupants with nature. DESIGN THAT PLAYS WITH DAYLIGHT AND CONNECTS WITH NATURE


AlfaTech Lighting Studio engages daylighting model software to provide visual representations of how daylight will impact a facility. These images allow more informed design decision-making. Our clients expect floor plan calculation points and renderings to gain a better sense of light distribution. Lighting Studio provides floor plans, 3D views, and sectional perspectives to gain an insight into how daylight affects the space.


Interior and exterior architectural lighting design

Daylighting modeling, design, and analysis

Conceptual design

Circadian lighting design

Visualization, including computer renderings and hand sketches

Systems integration

Custom luminaire design

Economic evaluation

Energy and light level calculations

Code compliance forms

LEED project lighting design and documentation

Light modeling

Lighting audits

Light pollution studies

Environmental impact studies

Lighting refurbishments

Lighting strategy across multiple portfolios and sites

Expert witness or opinion Lighting control system design

Site lighting

Landscape lighting


TECHNOLOGY STUDIO AlfaTech’s Technology Studio provides smart building design solutions for some of the world’s most complex and high - performing buildings. Our Technology Studio services combines consulting, design, and software creation, and we work with clients worldwide. AlfaTech Smart Building Services help building owners and stakeholders with office strategies to roll in more Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning and cloud-based data and analysis in facility operation to optimize various building systems and keep maintenance low. The Smart Building Technology will also be beneficial to post-pandemic return to the office. To implement the latest and greatest technology, the essential operational technologies, including a unified user interface and reporting system that monitors and structures all various systems (BMS, Lighting Control, Shade Control, Security, Access, Conference room scheduling, and others) data in place will be required. This will be accomplished through a web-based user interface integrated building management system known as Smart Building Technology..



Strategy sessions with stakeholders to understand smart building expectations and requirements.

Integration through open protocols or (API)

Develop matrix outlining all systems which should be included in Intelligent (SMART) Building System.

Collective monitoring, reporting, analysis, and automation

Provide smart building design expertise to ensure all required systems for integration are connected to building technology network (BTN) and communicate via open protocol like BACnet IP. Develop a Master Systems Integration (MSI) RFP outlining system requirements and specifications for the provision of open MSI System of hardware and software components either on dedicated on-prem private network or hosted off-prem in the cloud .

Optimizing operational and energy efficiencies

Improve strategic facilities and space planning

Enhance employee experience/productivity

Reliability with an integrated systems approach

Consolidate facilities management platforms


MIGRATION SERVICES Requirements Gathering Business Impact Analysis

STRATEGIC PLANNING AND ANALYSIS Technology Refresh Efficiency & Optimization Corporate Office Relocation

LOW VOLTAGE DESIGN MDF / IDF / MPOE DESIGN Lab / Server Room / Data Center Pathways and Building Riser Systems Campus Outside Plant (OSP) Design Copper / Fiber Backbone Cabling Copper / Fiber Horizontal Cabling Design Team Coordination Product and Vendor Selection Contract Documents AUDIO VISUAL DESIGN Audio Visual Solutions (Conference Rooms, Executive Board Rooms, Café Spaces, Lobby Spaces, Digital Signage, Training Rooms, All Hands Spaces, Theatre / Auditoriums, Collaboration Spaces, Recording / Broadcast Studios, Network / Security Operations Centers) Product and Vendor Selection Contract Documents Bidding and Negotiations Construction Administration

Inventory / Audit Documentation Technical Design Coordination Capacity Planning Migration Strategy and Planning Equipment Database Development Migration Documentation Technical Staff Augmentation Migration Project Management MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Technology Standards Development Product / Vendor Evaluation Competitive Cost Analysis Technology Trends and Benchmarking Facilities & IT Collaboration

Data Center Strategy Development Data Center Programming (OPR Development, Capacity Planning, Site Selection, Conceptual Design, Colocation Lease Negotiations) Budget Development Schedule Master Planning PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Program Development Project Plan and Schedule Budgeting Vendor Selection Contract Negotiations Vendor / Contract Management Project Communication (Meetings / Meeting Minutes, Risk Mitigation, Communications Plan, Project Performance Metrics)

Bidding and Negotiations Construction Administration

SECURITY SYSTEMS DESIGN Security Solutions (Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Monitoring and Alarm, Anti- Tailgate Solutions, Biometric Solutions)

DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMS Cellular DAS Design ERRCS DAS Design Predictive Modeling – iBwave Software Multi-Carrier Survey Analysis and Reports Antenna Placement DAS Infrastructure Design

INTEGRATED BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IBMS Architecture Development Application Use Case Programming Sub-Systems Definition Integration with Traditional Platforms (BMS/BAS Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Audio Visual Systems, Security Systems) Open Source API Validation Network Integration Cost and ROI Analysis Platform and Vendor Selection TELCO FACILITIES AND SERVICES Copper and Fiber Facilities Design MPOE and OSP Pathway Design Coordination with LEC/CLEC Requirements and Capacity Planning Negotiations and Order Administration Service Delivery – Systems Integration Telco Audit and Evaluation Cost Reduction and ROI Analysis Physical Inventory and Documentation Contract Review and Negotiations

Site Risk Assessment Site Threat Assessment Product and Vendor Selection Contract Documents Bidding and Negotiations Construction Administration

RCP Coordination Vendor Selection


WI-FI SYSTEMS DESIGN Fluke Networks AIRMAGNET Software Utilize CAD or PDF Drawings Predictive Modeling (Bandwidth Modeling, Interference Modeling, Mounting Heights, Transmission Power) Survey Analysis and Reports Access Point Placement RCP Coordination

Digital Telephone Systems Voice Processing Systems Call Center Solutions Audio Conference Systems Paging Systems Vendor Management

Active Survey and Validation Performance Troubleshooting





SUSTAINABILITY STUDIO AlfaTech’s Sustainability Studio provides sustainable design solutions for prioritizing energy, water, and air quality. Our team brings deep MEP engineering expertise with digital skills. Our Sustainability Studio is a team of in-house experts whose purpose is to develop the most highly sustainable design strategies for each project. This multidisciplinary team assesses and designs projects with an integrated approach. Working with owners, architects, and other stakeholders, we examine every project with a comprehensive, systematic approach to map key programming targets. We establish project sustainability goals and collaboratively prioritize energy, water, and air quality requirements. We explore the latest system technologies and identify concepts most suitable to project applications. We perform life-cycle analysis, system simulations, and models that are utilized for validation. We review proposed system concepts with the project team to determine impacts and financial benefits in the earliest design stages.

AlfaTech goes beyond engineering – our suite of energy, water, and sustainability assessment services creates projects that benefit the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit.


AlfaTech maintains a commitment to sustainable design on every project. At the onset of a new project, our Sustainability Studio tea works with the client and the architect to establish and benchmark the project’s sustainability goals. Once these goals are set, we explore the latest system technologies, identify project-specific strategies available, and determine the most suited concepts to the project application. We provide preliminary studies of these systems, further validating the application. Together with the rest of the project team, we look at each system concept to determine the project impacts and financial benefits in the early stages of design.


We follow a holistic approach to meet project expectations in all dimensions. Providing sustainable design is an achievement if it is also functional. Increasing efficiency is realistic when it is applicable. Meeting the project budget is possible when the design is constructible.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts

Uber Mission Bay

We take pride in our design and ensure that the following principles are aligned in our approach to every project:

Environmental impacts, carbon footprint reduction

Greenhouse Gases and Carbon

Imbalance between energy resource and energy use

Interstate or local differences

The water and energy nexus

Waste and ecology



AlfaTech has over 30 employees that are currently USGBC LEED-Accredited professional with several staff members slated to take the test soon.

AlfaTech has experience working with the following:

Photovoltaic Power Generation

Geothermal Water-Source Mechanical System

Enthalpy Wheel Energy Recovery

Non-Chemical Water Treatment

Highly Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Solar Thermal Systems

Lab/ Hospital Energy Recovery System, including Run Around coil

Underfloor Air Distribution System

Passive Natural Ventilation.

NET ZERO Delta Products Headquarters, Fremont, CA PG&E, 77 Beale, San Francisco, CA

LEED GOLD (partial list) 300 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA Visa, 385 Sherman Ave, Palo Alto, CA Uber, Mission Bay 3 & 4, San Francisco, CA

Soka University, Aliso Viejo, CA Mission College, Santa Clara, CA College of Marin, Kentfield, CA Ohlone College, Fremont, CA

Adobe Data Center, Hillsboro, OR Adobe NA1 Data Center (Phase 2) Digital Realty, Santa Clara, CA Equinix, SV5, San Jose, CA

LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE Google 237 Moffett Park Drive, Mountain View, CA

Facebook, Forth Worth, TX Facebook, Prineville, OR CoreSite, Santa Clara, CA Pathline, Sunnyvale, CA PG&E, 77 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA Synopsys Pathline HQ, Sunnyvale, CA Maxim Integrated Circuits, San Jose, CA eBay, Building 17, San Jose, CA

LEED PLATINUM Uber, Mission Bay 1 & 2, San Francisco, CA LinkedIn, 222 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 23andMe Headquarters, Sunnyvale, CA VMWare Data Center, Wenatchee, WA Confidential Data Center | F, Lulea, Sweden Confidential Client | AC, Cupertino, CA Delta Products Headquarters, Fremont, CA Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts, Los Angeles, CA Ohlone College, Fremont, CA Berkeley YMCA Teen Center, Berkeley, CA UC Davis, Graduate School of Management & Gallagher Hall

Intuit, Mountain View, CA Intuit, Mountain View, CA Charles Schwab, Various Locations Symantec, Tucson, AZ Symantec, Mountain View, CA Bently Heritage Distillery, Creamery Building, Minden, NV Bently Heritage Distillery, Mill Building, Minden, NV USF, John Lo Schiavo Center for Science & Innovation Bellarmine College Prep High School Sobrato Ctr., San Jose, CA San Francisco Friends School, San Francisco, CA San Jose USD, Broadway High School, San Jose, CA


OUR APPROACH AlfaTech provides clients with the utmost service. We know that many tried-and-true processes will ensure the most successful project outcome. However, we also understand that no two projects are alike. We take pride in providing our clients with the utmost service. We know following our tried-and-true processes will ensure the most successful project outcome. However, we also understand that no two projects are identical. On all projects, AlfaTech follows our comprehensive internal Project Management Plan, developed and refined over three decades. At the start of every project, we tailor this plan to meet the unique needs of each project to ensure quality and successful outcome. This approach strictly supports project schedules and budgets.

Our project management plan follows four basic principles — plan, organize, staff, and monitor. The process follows these main steps:

• Establish the most appropriate direct line of communication with the client.

• Work one-on-one with the client, define project requirements and develop a formal scope of work.

• Develop a work breakdown structure to meet all project requirements.

• Assist with selection of any subcontractors, if necessary.

• Develop cost and schedule projections to complete the proposed scope of work that is contained in the work breakdown structure.

• Negotiate final fee, schedule, and deliverables.

• Obtain formal authorization to proceed.

• Perform a site assessment and identify any challenges.

• Review design drawings, submittals, and RFI’s throughout and provide feedback promptly.

• Monitor and manage the project to successful completion.

• Assist with project closeout and attend a lessons-learned meeting and provide feedback.

Niagara Bottling



Centrl Office

So-Cal Gas

LA Homeless Authority

Jerde Partnerships

Capital Group

SoHo Works












Uber Mission Bay 1 & 2

San Francisco, CA


New Construction, High-Rise, Design-Bid-Build, Core and Shell 420,000 SF LEED Platinum / WELL Gold

AlfaTech recently completed Uber’s innovative new sustainable San Francisco headquarters which is a ground up office building in the Mission Bay district. AlfaTech provided design/bid/build style Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering, lighting design, and Technology (low voltage, security, audio/visual) services, throughout the entire project. AlfaTech is part of the construction administration effort and served as the engineer-of-record for mechanical and electrical installations. AlfaTech assisted the architectural design team with optimizing performance by assessing various utility, façade and wind studies. Life-cycle cost analysis, energy benchmarking, and computational fluid dynamics were critical tools to inform the design effort. The project was designed as an innovative, ultra-high performance building that focuses on an occupant-centric workplace and includes an elaborate IT infrastructure, a façade that responds to programmatic needs, an under-floor air distribution system, a two- building atria system incorporating natural ventilation, and a central treatment system for collecting graywater and rainwater. The interactions between the occupants, the buildings, and the ambient, were at the heart of the architectural and engineering systems; targeting lower environmental metrics of 1,100,000 kWh in reduced energy use and 2,100,000 gallons in reduced water use. AlfaTech provided engineering strategies and Smart Building System Matrix outlining all systems that should be included in the Intelligent Smart Building System.


Uber Mission Bay 3 & 4

San Francisco, CA

AlfaTech (AT) provided comprehensive engineering and technology design for two 11- story high- rise buildings for Uber’s impressive new sustainable headquarters on the Chase Center campus. AT provided design services for full design, MEP, Technology, and lighting system design for the tenant improvements. These buildings were designed to foster creativity and innovation featuring both lively and quiet zones, a gym, terrace balconies, full-service two-floor kitchen / cafeteria, coffee and smoothie bars, and many other amenities for occupant comfort. Scope also included library, makers room, event lounge, conference center, training rooms, and retail space. Mission Bay 3 features a new 11,400 SF wellness fitness center on level 3, including a 4,200 SF exterior terrace for employee use. Tenant Improvement, High-Rise, Core and Shell 586,000 SF Total (MB 3: 310,000 SF/11 stories, MB 4: 276,000 SF/11 stories) LEED Gold, WELL Platinum TYPE: SIZE: ACCREDITATION:

Certifications: • WELL v2 Platinum • LEED v4 Gold • WELL Health-Safety Rating


Visa Metro 1, 2 & 3

Foster City, CA


Tenant Improvement, High-Rise 440,000+ SF

AlfaTech is providing MEP engineering design services for the multiple phases of tenant improvements for Visa Metro Campus in Foster City. Buildings 1 and 2 each are 12-story office buildings with attached 4-level parking garages. The design included several floors of office space, specialty rooms, restrooms, prayer rooms, meeting rooms, copy/work rooms and amenities spaces including a tech connection bar, 4,000 SF health/wellness center, cafeteria, and auditorium/lobby. There is an interconnecting staircase between the floors and a bridge connecting the two buildings. Services included mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering; fire protection design; technology design, lighting design and construction administration.

AlfaTech/IBIS also provided Smart Building Technology Services for this project.


Visa, Mission Rock

San Francisco, CA


Tenant Improvement, High-Rise 316,000 SF

AlfaTech is providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering, technology and lighting design services for the tenant improvements at 1051 3rd Street, commonly known as Mission Rock Parcel G in San Francisco, CA. The building has 13 floors with approximately 283,135 SF of interior space and 33,000 SF of multi-level terraces and roof garden. The building is configured as a multi-tenant facility with retail space at ground floor level, but the rest of the building space is exclusive to Visa. The tenant spaces including open offices, conference rooms, breakroom, communal stair between floor 4 and 5, Visa University, Innovation Center, elevator lobby, and others.


Awarded Saving by Design Incentive

Confidential Client, Central & Wolfe Campus

Sunnyvale, CA


Tenant Improvement, Design-Build 752,000 SF LEED Platinum

AlfaTech has provided full MEP engineering and low voltage technology design services for the tenant improvements for this confidential client. This campus consists of: three interconnected, 6-story office buildings with two levels of podium parking on the ground totaling 752,100 SF; 25,000 SF cold core and shell café building with full-service commercial kitchen with variable flow system; six-story parking garage; open and collaborative environment with furniture systems; private offices; software/light-hardware labs in buildings 1 and 2 totaling 36,000 SF; server room with cooling redundancy; fitness center and wellness center, 10,000 SF each, in office tower 1 on level 3.

The project achieved LEED Platinum, the buildings themselves are designed to be net-zero energy ready and was awarded design incentives provided by saving by design.


Adobe Headquarters

San Jose, CA


Tenant Improvement, High-Rise Three new buildings, 1,000,000 SF total; Building One: 18 -story; 440,000 SF Building Two: 15-story, 275,000 SF ; Building Three: 18-story, 266,000 SF

Now considered a landmark on the San Jose skyline, the Adobe headquarters campus houses more than 2,500 employees. Each of the three buildings has its own parking garage, public lobby, data center, and will provide open workspace, Executive level offices, conference rooms, breakout areas, cafés, a wellness/fitness center, a roof deck, pedestrian bridge, a new Customer Experience Center. Building Two also features retail space at street level. Additionally, each tower included a data center. The data center design consisted of a 7/24 full generator/UPS backup system for HVAC, lighting and power within the room with 100% redundancy. Technology design services included the design of the intra-building and inter-building low voltage cable plant for the facility, pathway systems for distribution of structured cabling infrastructure including both Outside Plant (OSP) between buildings and interior pathways within the office tower, pedestrian bridge and parking levels, design of the MDF and IDF rooms to support all IT infrastructure, design and coordinate the rack and cabinet layouts and elevations for the telecommunication rooms, coordination of Telco and Network connectivity for building systems including BMS, MEP, Security and Life Safety systems, and the design of the audio visual systems for the facility including conference rooms, breakout areas, cafes, roof deck(s), Customer Experience Center, all hands space and common area locations that require av capabilities, the design of the DAS system for both Cellular and ERRCS platforms, Wi-Fi predictive modeling for quantity and placement of wireless access points (WAPs)


LinkedIn, 222 2 nd Street

San Francisco, CA


Tenant Improvement, High-Rise, Design-Build 450,000 SF LEED Platinum

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, technology design (low voltage, audiovisual) and LEED fundamental and enhanced commissioning services for this LinkedIn’s new ground -up headquarters project in the heart of San Francisco SoMa district. This 26-story, 450,000 SF tenant improvement project, is located in the heart of San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood at 222 Second Street. With this lease, LinkedIn brings together their R&D and sales teams, approximately 2,250 employees, under one roof. Project includes extensive interior build-out of 20,000 sf of space dedicated to a contemporary kitchen, servery and seating as well as a state-of-the-art "All Hands" presentation room, 8,500 SF public lobby, complete Fitness Center, 2,209 SF of ground retail, and two levels of subterranean parking.

AlfaTech/IBIS also provided Smart Building Technology Services for this project.


Analog Devices Inc. (ADI)

Santa Clara, CA


Tenant Improvement 356,000 SF

AlfaTech provided MEP engineering and technology (low voltage and security) design services for the tenant improvements of Analog Devices (ADI) newly relocated corporate headquarters into two recently completed warm shell buildings in Santa Clara Square. This 356,000 SF project encompasses nine of the twelve floors. The flexible 280,000 SF office space accommodates 950 seats as well as amenities, various lab and specialty program spaces including: 40,000 SF of light electronic labs; 10,000 SF electronic test lab with Class 100,000 clean room; 700 SF of wet labs; 1,200 SF data center; 11,000 SF customer experience center; an executive board room; logistics / shipping / receiving area; and a raised style 60-person auditorium.


PG&E, 77 Beale Street

San Francisco, CA


Master Planning, Tenant Improvement, High-Rise 1,000,000+ SF LEED Gold

AlfaTech provided due diligence and master planning of more than 1M+ SF of corporate office space for this 32- story high-rise Class A office building. The master plan building optimization materialized with the complete renovations of the 9th and 10th floors tenant spaces. Original floor-mounted perimeter induction units (PIU) were replaced on the building’s 9th and 10th floors with high -performance 4-pipe chilled beams mounted in cloud type ceilings. Ventilation was designed to induce air overhead by way of a 4-zone, façade oriented, approach to the open office spaces. Dedicated demand/supply air side systems were extended to conference rooms. Phased Relocation and Change Management services of existing occupants, PG&E new “Balanced Workplace” office furnishings, fixtures and finishes standards upgrades. New vertical campus concept open office areas, collaboration areas, shared common area cafeterias, meeting rooms, technology, AV & communications. New cooling and electrical systems infrastructure replacement. Title-24 lighting and controls upgrades.


SunPower Corporation

Richmond, CA


Historic, Tenant Improvement, Design-Build 295,000 SF

AlfaTech provided design- build services for this innovative solar panel company’s expansion into the historic Ford Manufacturing Plant is a stunning adaptive reuse project. Originally built in 1931, the Ford facility has been transformed into a modern space that now houses 200,000 SF of office space, a 65,000 SF manufacturing plant, and 30,000 SF of R&D facilities. Key components of the project include R&D tool installations, manufacturing rack and assembly, and a roof PV plant. AT provided project management services during lease and work letter scope definition negotiations with the developer’s design -build team. The move into the facility was completed on schedule and on budget.


Capital Group

333 S. Hope, Los Angeles, CA


Tenant Improvement, High-Rise 250,000 SF

AlfaTech has completed 250,000 SF for Capital Group who are one of the world’s oldest and largest privately owned investment management company. This project had a lot of complex challenges adding an 8 story internal convenience stairs within and existing 57 story high rise, modifications to pressurization systems and base building smoke evacuation controls systems. Several enormous floor opening were provided between floor to bring a vibrant connected feel between difference user groups. Project included new layout for programming including open and enclosed offices, video conference rooms, copy/mail rooms, break rooms, pantry, huddle rooms, trading stations, IDF rooms and reception areas. A 4-story fully naturally vegetated green wall was erected with a custom recirculatory irrigation and sophisticated leak detection system. A full UPS upgrade with A&B power redundancy across the north and south risers of the building was designed to support 16 IDF rooms from the main data center. A dedicated 24/7 chilled water riser was introduced with E-Power circulating pumps. Custom controls sequences were designed to prevent stratification through the large floor openings via controllable dampers and differential space pressure sensors. This truly was an exciting project to be part of to push the design envelope.


Citizen News Hollywood, CA


Historic, Tenant Improvement 48,000 SF

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing/fire protection engineering design services for the design of this 48,000 SF space which will include restaurants, lounges and private studios and is envisioned to host fashion shows, photo-shoots, filming, concerts, awards shows and private parties. The space features a grand staircase and unique entryways that shall allow for multiple celebrations to take place simultaneously whilst maintain the privacy on each event. The existing building is a historic 2-Story + Basement concrete building built in 1931. AlfaTech has been part of the team to breathe life into this iconic building that will be converted into (2) restaurants on the ground level that will include commercial and display cooking kitchens in addition to new public restrooms. The 2nd level will be a multi-function event space intended to house up to 500 occupants at maximum capacity. The space shall be mostly column free with refurbished skylights.


2216 Barrington

West Los Angeles, CA


Core & Shell, High-Rise

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design services for this core and shell building with 10-stories above grade and 2 stories below grade parking with automated parking system.


Confidential Development Clarington Ave

Los Angeles, CA


Core & Shell 40,000 SF

The project is located at South Clarington Avenue, Los Angeles. The scope will entail the design of a 2-story parking structure, 1 level subterranean, the other below grade which included automated vehicle stackers and EV charging stations. There core and shell development site was an existing surface parking lot and shall now become commercial office space for speculative tenants. There is a 2,000 SF deck on each side of the 2nd story totaling 4,000 SF of tenant amenity space in addition to mezzanine spaces upon taller floors. The total project gross area is estimated to be approx. 40,000 SF. We provided full MEP design services in addition to site prep services such as the relocation of existing encroaching overhead power lines, design of temp power for construction and coordination of the new incoming utilities.


Confidential High Rise

Los Angeles, CA


New Construction 230,000 SF

The development is nestled between Hope St, Southern Pacific Railway and South Grand Avenue in a triangular shape lot. The project entailed Demolition of an existing building on the property and all associated utilities. The building is an 8 Story high-rise storage building totaling 230,000 SF situated on a total site area of 37,000 SF. The project contains an Enclosed parking. AlfaTech were responsible for the design of smoke evacuation system, smoke controls, stairwell pressurization, life safety electrical system, below ground fire water tank with above ground fire turbine shaft pumps. FLS system and generator, DAS coordination, Electrical utility coordination, HVAC, plumbing waste,/vent/gas/ domestic water/ fire water and Storm drainage & overflow systems, electrical power systems and lighting design and controls.


The Sierra Campus

Pasadena, CA


Tenant Improvement 150,000 SF


AlfaTech provided MEP services for the repositioning of this (3) building campus located on Rosemead Boulevard and Sierra Madre Villa Ave. The (3) building total circa 150,000 SF. Scope for this project included HVAC renovations to all buildings, redistribution of power and metering strategies for future tenants, buildout of landlord common-space, new amenity spaces and new restrooms for all 3 buildings, design of EV charging systems for the outdoor parking, landscape and façade lighting, and outdoor amenity spaces.


Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts

Los Angeles, CA


New Construction, Core and Shell 360,000 SF

The Lucas Museum was conceived with the bold ambition to challenge the way our societies appreciate art museums. Inspired by its resolute mission, the engineering design blasted off with the vision to deliver a lasting, centenarian building in harmony with its site. The carbon zero design harnessed heat and cooling from the soil beneath the museum with over 700 vertical bores. This constituted the deepearth, pulsating aorta of the geothermal field. A second element of nature was introduced by way of a thermally active water pond, which increased the site’s innate cooling capacity. These features were modulated by the high-efficiency, heat recovery central plant that provided all-electric, simultaneous heating and cooling (and no gas-fired boilers). Environmental quality for prime spaces – galleries, state of the art theaters, and lobbies – were controlled with underfloor air-distribution and radiant floors. Smart controls gently nudged temperature and ventilation parameters to adjust to visitors’ comfort. The superstructure lifted off with an exterior façade that self -shaded the thermal shell, effectively reducing cooling demand. Curved onyxglass organically traced the rooftop which formed the solar PV field. At 365 kW capacity, the renewable energy source reduced an estimated 10-15% of the electricity demand and swung the carbon footprint negative. Ahead of its time, the Lucas Museum will open the doors as an eco- friendly, ‘net zero energy’ - ready museum that gives back to the surrounding community.



Parker Hotel

Palm Springs, CA

TYPE: SIZE: 37,000 SF

New Construction

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering and acoustical design for a 5-star luxury boutique hotel resort facility located in Palm Springs, CA. The project consists of 30 keys split across approximately 37,000 SF and 10 buildings. The project’s design invokes the Art Deco style of the existing complex. The scope of work included the design of the MEP and low voltage systems. Each guest room is provided is provided with VRF fan coil units for individual thermal controls. The resort also includes a standalone catering kitchen, banquet and meeting facilities, a full bar, a heated outdoor pool, EV charging stations and a distributed audio systems across the outdoor resort spaces. T

he project is projected to complete construction in 2022.


Cambria Hotel

Oakland, CA


New Construction 77,200 SF

The project is a Choice Cambria, 4 story building, 77,200 SF. It will have 132 units, meeting rooms, in-house laundry, in-house kitchen, restaurant, and bar. Anticipated construction cost is $19,500,000. The project site is 111 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA.

The project tis currently under DD design and AlfaTech is providing all MEP/FP engineering.


Hyatt Regency

Santa Clara, CA


Tenant Improvement, High-Rise

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design as well as Title-24 energy compliance and consultation services for the Grand Hyatt Santa Clara’s expansion of the Regency Club. The project included the Regency Club expansion and reconfiguration of the current space and expansion into an existing corridor. All of the guest rooms located on floors 3 through 14 were renovated. There are approximately 50 rooms on each floor and 21 model room types.


Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs, CO


Tenant Improvement

AlfaTech provided the mechanical and electrical systems design for this $10 million luxury hotel. The project included a unique solution to the problem of energy cost and fuel availability. Additional projects for this complex included revisions to the entire electrical distribution system for the campus, the Broadmoor Golf Club, and the Equestrian Center.


Village Hall, Beaver Creek

Vail, CO


New Construction 144,000 SF

AlfaTech provided MEP design services for this project, consisting of a new multi-story, 144,000 SF building comprising residential condominium, recreation, and convention hall facilities at Beaver Creek Colorado Ski Resort.


Monterey Bay Shores Eco Resort

Monterey, CA


New Construction 40 Acres

Designed to Obtain LEED Gold

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sustainable design for the Monterey Bay Shores Eco Resort which consists of three main components: a resort, fractional condominiums and residential. The development will be constructed on a former sand mining site totaling 40 acres and located just south of a documented critical habitat. Designed to obtain LEED Gold.


Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center*

Grapevine, TX


New Construction 2,000,000+ SF

This project included the ground up MEP engineering design for the award-winning, 1,511- guestrooms and suites, all-inclusive resort with 4-acre indoor garden atrium; 600,000 SF total event/convention & meeting space, including 300,000 SF net meeting space, 180,000 SF exhibition hall, five ballrooms ranging from 3,300 SF to 50,000 SF, 70 break-out meeting rooms; 80,000 SF outdoor event lawn; swimming pools; and full-service spa.


* Completed by AlfaTech principal during previous employment

Desert Diamond West Valley Casino*

Glendale, AZ


New Construction 75,000 SF

MEP Design of this new facility featuring a 75,000 SF casino floor, five dining venues, and other amenities. The project team established an integrated design process to develop performance goals for site design, envelope requirements, materials, energy use, water use and overall sustainability. The facility is located on 54 acres of reservation land – owned and operated by the Tohono O’odham Nation.


* Completed by AlfaTech principal during previous employment

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