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AlfaTech is a consulting engineering firm offering a range of complementary services and expertise in multiple markets. Our services include: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design, Technology, Architectural Lighting Design, Commissioning and Energy Solutions, as well as Sustainability.

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AlfaTech was established in Silicon Valley in 1987 as a mechanical, electrical, and technology (low voltage, security, and A/V) design engineering firm. Responding to client needs, we expanded our service offerings to include architectural lighting design, sustainability, Smart Building, and project management services. In addition, we expanded into five California offices, including San Jose (Silicon Valley), San Francisco, Monrovia, Orange and San Diego. AlfaTech is gaining ground through organic, merger, and acquisition growth. Establishing Vela Tech portfolio with parent company RSBG, our services reach the West Coast to the Midwest and the East Coast from partner offices in Seattle, Chicago, Reston, and Edison. We also have an international presence with offices throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. AlfaTech has a solid reputation forged by a corporate commitment to enduring client relationships and service excellence. We provide complete design, design-assist, and design/build project delivery services. Our project experience includes core and shell, tenant improvements, upgrades, repositioning, and restacks. Each AlfaTech project aims to achieve maximum energy performance, resource conservation, and pollution reduction, resulting in the highest energy savings and sustainability at all design phases while creating a balance of preservation, constructability, schedule, and budget. Given the dynamic nature of what we do, our AlfaTech teams are active listeners, and together with their focus on client and partner relations, are true team players.


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ENGINEERING STUDIO We provide the most advanced, professional engineering services that ensure buildings thrive. We partner with clients to turn their visions into a tangible reality. As one of the leading MEP consultants in the Western U.S., AlfaTech strives to improve the life of hundreds of thousands of Americans every day through the buildings we design. Coining the expression “Innovation & Excellence,” we provide the most advanced, professional engineering services that ensure buildings thrive. We partner with clients to turn their visions into a tangible reality.. To us, conscious design elements are indispensable in meeting the escalating expectations emerging within vibrant and diverse typologies. We believe the highest-efficiency buildings transpire from mirroring the sustainable features inherent to the world around us. Propelling cutting-edge solutions requires a thoughtful design that can interact with the physical environment. Elements like smart buildings, reduced reheat, and synergies before waste initiate perpetual savings. Eager to do our part, we pride ourselves on designing state-of-the-art facilities that reach unprecedented levels of integration. We think that sustainable design is more than just a phrase. It is a perspective. We are committed to rock-solid partnerships with our clients by delivering on our promise always to excel.













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PROJECT APPROACH Our team of data center experts keeps up with the most up to the minute technology advances and industry standards, as is AlfaTech’s goal to provide each client with the most cutting edge design services tailored to meet their needs now and for any future changing requirements. We know that from project to project, many of the tried-and-true design approaches can help ensure a successful outcome; but as no two projects are exactly alike, our approach must be customized to the individual specifics of each project. For this project, our initial step is to use our custom data center project planning questionnaire to determine the key project goals and success factors and then to use these factors as the touchstone against which all future decisions are made. DATA CENTER PROGRAMMING Data center programming is fundamental in understanding the true business requirements and ensuring the design, and ultimately the construction, meets the business and end-user needs. AlfaTech has developed an extensive data center programming process and methodology that combines IT and Facilities requirements and objectives into a collaborative approach. The programming process consists of individual and/or group interviews, collaboration workshops combined with industry best practices. The programming effort produces a formal Owner Program Requirements (OPR) document that is then used throughout the design and construction process to maintain alignment with the defined business objectives and requirements.

Location : The philosophy of design must take into account local weather and atmospheric conditions as well as utilities. Weather conditions of extreme cold or hot ambient temperatures, humidity, and other considerations such as high atmospheric dust content in farming communities will need to be accounted for in the design. Utility data such as power capacity, reliability, and cost; and similar information for data fiber, fuel oil, water … etc. Local building codes may have a large impact on the types of HVAC systems allowed (efficiency), Power generator operational hours and pollution control, sound level, and structural design requirements. Redundancy : The philosophy of redundancy must be based on and satisfy the operating philosophy of the data center company. Therefore, if the data center operating philosophy is to mirror all data between two distant sites, the loss of power, a large earthquake, or other such events, would require the operation to be run from a second site. This condition would require a lesser level of redundancy than an independent site requiring all redundancy to be located on-site which requires consideration for equipment redundancy when a generator or other major piece of equipment is down for maintenance. Space Allocation : Each data center operator/owner will have a desired operational layout concept that must be incorporated into the Basis of Design for a given property providing building flexibility, along with local code requirements, building owner requirements, city requirements, and needs of any co-inhabitants in the building. This might include separation of batteries into dedicated rooms, EMF considerations, rack/row lengths, racks or cabinets to house servers, floor and roof seismic loading limits, raised floor height considerations, security concept, equipment access to data floor, generator, and equipment yard sighting on a given lot, or other requirements. Interestingly, many clients are moving away from using raised floors. The overall concept of the data center usually starts with the definition of operator philosophy on wire management such as data routes and power routes above or below raised floor or split; type of power distribution and power usage of a typical server rack. (cont.)

The OPR Development Process is intended to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and bridge Facilities and IT organizations by aligning individual departmental objectives with overarching business requirements and strategies. An effective OPR is organized into the following sections: Business Requirements – Defines how the data center will support and or enable the business to meet the goals and objectives for the enterprise, focus on applications, service levels, and business impact. Functional Requirements – Based on business requirements, defines the capacity, reliability, efficiency, scalability, and modularity required to meet business needs. Technical Requirements – Focused on IT, defines the requirements that drive plans for network, servers, and storage that will ultimately be supported. Strategies around these technologies have significant impacts on design considerations. Operational Requirements – Focus on Facilities and Operations. Defines support strategies, physical security, maintenance, and operational requirements for a successful facility. Design Considerations – Based on all of the above, the design considerations serve as instructions to the design team to point them in the right direction. This section includes all required design disciplines. While AlfaTech has the capability and experience to take clients from concept to move-in, we believe the most important step in this process is initial programming. This is where the true business requirements are defined and put into proper perspective regarding competing priorities such as budget, schedule, or location. The programming process guides our clients through all necessary considerations to effectively define data center needs and capabilities. This is often measured with parameters such as size, capacity, reliability, efficiency, scalability, and sustainability. The process we have developed combines years of both Facilities and IT experience into an effective Data Center planning methodology.


Power Systems : The philosophy of design for the data center power systems is either a radial or a distributed distribution system. Radial systems are used less frequently and typically on smaller facilities of less than 4,000 amps because of the high cost and size of equipment above 4,000 amps. Distributed distribution systems provide the opportunity to disperse power and keep equipment under 3000 amps and generator sets to a maximum size of 2 megawatts. The distributed distribution system is more reliable since a single point of failure will not necessarily bring down an entire system. A distributed system must be properly designed to include UPS loads, and HVAC loads to generator ability to start these loads. HVAC loads must be evenly spread across the distributed power busses to balance loads and ensure that all HVAC units serving an area are not taken offline when one bus goes down. Owner preference may be for use of PDUs or individual transformers and panels to distribute power to power strips on individual racks. Monitoring and power management can be done at rack level or 480-volt level with significant cost variation. HVAC Systems : The philosophy of design for the data center cooling systems is primarily dependent on three things: local codes; the physical restraints and opportunities of the facilities such as the ability to place equipment in an exterior yard or on the roof; and the preferences of the data center operator. AlfaTech designs have included: on floor CRAC units with DX cooling in yards and on roofs; CRAH units with chilled water cooling using both air-cooled chillers and dry coolers located in yards and on roofs; rooftop air-cooled package air handling units serving air through duct down to underfloor; interior mezzanine located air handlers with ducted air down to the floor; rooftop air cooled chillers to provide cooling; and floor-mounted built-up air handlers supplying air underfloor. The ideal power-efficient system will incorporate air-side and/or liquid-side economizers to use free cooling, such as fluid-to-fluid heat exchangers, dry coolers, or pumped refrigerant economizers used instead of compressor based systems whenever feasible. Cooling towers and other evaporative-based cooling solutions are a problem due to the necessity of using and storing large quantities of water. If a large source of water is available, such as a lake or groundwater wells, this is a

plausible option. Air discharge pattern to the underfloor or into cabinets can present design problems if improperly implemented, as the venturi effect can pull air from the data room back under the raised floor. Full hot and cold airstream containment strategies are favored whenever feasible to support efficient critical cooling air distribution. Particularly high power density facilities may even warrant direct liquid-based cooling instead of the more traditional air-based approaches. This is accomplished with liquid-on-the-chip, cold-plate, and liquid immersion cooling systems. At the onset of the project, AlfaTech will present a single point of contact that will coordinate the internal MEP/Technology team as well as be the direct day-to day contact . Nathan Kirby, PE, ATD, LEED AP BD+C is our Mission Critical Practice Leader. He has over 17 years in the industry and he leads the project technical team who have extensive experience working with high end data center programming and design projects. AlfaTech routinely operates at different levels of similar style design teams on international data center projects and therefore uniquely understand the roles and responsibilities of each team member. In our role as supporting team members to the Coordinated Project Delivery Team, our role is to serve as the Data Center subject matter expert to support and facilitate the flow of information from the client to the design team members. Where necessary, our expertise is used to advise and recommend strategies and approaches to design based on our extensive industry experience.


DATA CENTER PHILOSOPHY With the seemingly exponential explosion of data and the associated requirements for servers and storage, it isn’t surprising that many organizations, both public and private, are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technologies and the immediate and constantly increasing requirements of IT and Facilities departments. AlfaTech has been on the frontlines of this trend for the past twenty years and has been a leader in the design and construction of state-of-the-art data center facilities. We implement the latest design methods for our clients to support emerging technologies and to assure energy efficiency and scalability for growth and changes in technology. We’ve made a corporate commitment to providing training and continuing education to a growing staff of engineers and project managers dedicated to the design and construction of data center facilities. Our esteemed team of professionals are educated in all areas of IT and Facilities operations and sustainable design for mission critical data center facilities, and are active members of the AFCOM, ASHRAE, The Green Grid, OpenCompute, 7x24 Exchange, SVLG and the USGBC. This commitment to continuous learning encourages growth and innovation to assure that our facilities are designed with the latest technologies, best practices, operational efficiencies and total cost of ownership in mind. Many members of our data center team were formerly employees in charge of IT and Facilities departments of large corporations, giving them a unique and practical perspective from which to interface with our client's management team, technical staff and end-users. These critical staff members are integral in bridging the gap between the facilities staff, IT staff and the executive leadership; bringing a common language and voice to all parties so each group is critical in assuring a successful program and implementing a solution that satisfies the current and future needs of the IT staff while providing clear and practical cost evaluations and controls to satisfy the fiscal constraints of the executive staff. Our firm’s commitment to designing cutting-edge data center facilities begins with a meeting-of-the minds and is carried through the project’s completion and commissioning of the facility to assure everything is performing as intended and the facility meets or exceeds the design intent of the stakeholders. This is our Data Center Commitment and our commitment to our clients.

Developing a Data Center Strategy is not about planning or designing a specific data center facility, rather it is about developing an understanding of why the Data Center(s) exist in the first place. Companies who experience rapid growth or those that have been in business for many years often find themselves with a fragmented data center portfolio. This can include multiple server rooms, labs housing production systems, multiple colocation facilities, etc. All of these locations were likely established to accommodate growing demands for data center capacity. Most companies with established data centers lack a formal strategy that defines how to provide the business with the agility it requires to enable growth while maintaining a cost-effective data center footprint. The development of true Data Center Strategy begins with executive sponsorship. Our process is intended to work with key stakeholders to establish meaningful priorities, goals and objectives that align with the business plan and strategy. Having a strategy in place provides objectivity when making value driven decisions. An effective strategy will leverage strengths and encourage collaboration across the company. One key goal of the Data Center Strategy development process is to establish common ground between all stakeholders by using a common language everyone understands. This process draws attention to the business needs and strategies rather than departmental or even individual preferences. The results of an effective strategy will optimize OPEX and CAPEX by minimizing non-performing assets and establish buy-in from the onset of future Data Center initiatives.

The key sections of a Data Center Strategy include: Introduction Terms and Definitions Business Requirements Strategy Challenges and Risks Global Strategy Security Strategy Facility Definitions Platform Definitions Service Level Agreements Current Environment Data Center Procurement Options Future Deployment Strategy Hardware Planning Strategy Capacity Planning and Forecast Implementation Strategy Revision History

NORTHERN AMERICA Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona Cupertino, California Irvine, California Los Angeles, California Newark, California San Francisco, California San Jose, California San Ramon, California Santa Clara, California Santa Rosa, California Sunnyvale, California Union City, California Denver, Colorado Tampa Bay, Florida Miami, Florida Orlando, Florida Chicago, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana Altoona, Iowa West Des Moines, Iowa Boston, Massachusetts Papillion, Nebraska Paramus, New Jersey Piscataway, New Jersey Secaucus, New Jersey Los Lunas, New Mexico White Plains, New York Charlotte, North Carolina Forest City, North Carolina Richfield, Ohio Hillsboro, Oregon Prineville, Oregon Charleston, South Carolina Austin, Texas El Paso, Texas Fort Worth, Texas Dallas, Texas Salt Lake City, Utah Ashburn, Virginia Virginia Beach, Virginia Moses Lake, Washington Seattle, Washington Wenatchee, Washington Toronto, Canada ASIA Mumbai, India Jurong, Singapore Kobe, Japan Tokyo, Japan Busan, South Korea Yeoksam, South Korea Incheon, South Korea Jakarta, Indonesia Manila, Philippines Cairo, Egypt

Our Data Centers Around the World

AlfaTech has been on the frontlines of the data center industry for the past two decades and has been a leader in the design and construction of many of the most state-of-the-art data center facilities internationally. Our data centers are designed to the highest in energy efficiency and sustainability. Our team of data center experts keeps up with the most up-to-the-minute technological advances and industry standards—it is our goal to provide each client with the most cutting-edge design services tailored to meet their needs now and for any future changes required. AlfaTech’s experts lead the entire process, from project and construction management, mechanical and electrical design, overseeing services such as architectural, civil, structural, and all other consultant services, through construction completion.

Daquin, China Taiyuan, China

EUROPE London, England Paris, France Frankfurt, Germany

Lulea, Sweden Rjukan, Norway Amsterdam, Netherlands Novi Sad, Serbia

AUSTRAILIA Sydney, Australia


Global Data Center Experience

U.S. Europe Asia

Middle East North Africa

Levels High / Mid Rises Single Story 80% Greenfield PUE Lowest PUE recorded of 1.07 IT Load over 12 GW Total Load over 15 GW Our Numbers Over 4,000 Full Time Employees

Digital Edge

Jakarta, Indonesia


New Construction, Tenant Improvement 30 MW

15 stories IT Load – 23 MW Total Load – 30 MW Services Design – Overall Architectural/Engineering Project Management

Digital Edge Incheon, Korea


New Construction, Tenant Improvement 200 MW

2-11 stories IT Load – 160 MW Total Load – 200 MW Services Design – Overall Architectural/Engineering Project Management

Meta / Facebook Data Center

Fort Worth, TX


Data Center Confidential


AlfaTech provided site selection support services and continues to provide overall design team project management as well as MEP, Architectural, Structural, Civil, Fire Protection, Controls, Wind Study, LEED Consulting, and Life Safety services for this extremely energy efficient Data Center project. Key design changes to this data center include a redesign of the building arrangement from single data center facilities with support office to a single facility with an office space bridging the equivalent of 2 data center facilities in past projects. In addition to the layout revisions, another major revision to the Core IT spaces was made to address current needs as well as future proofing the space for anticipated technology changes. The MEP system design includes a highly energy efficient design concept divergent from past data center cooling techniques at other project sites. Awards: Chicago AIA "2020 Design Excellence Award" Distinguished Building

Meta / Facebook Data Center

Prineville, OR


Data Center Confidential


AlfaTech provided overall design team project management as well as site master planning, architectural, structural, civil, telecom and communications, paging systems, MEP, fire protection, controls, wind study, substation design, LEED consulting, and life safety services for this data center project. This mission critical data center has direct evaporative cooling and N+1 block redundant electrical topologies. This project involved the site master plan as well as design and construction of two main data center facilities on the site that include a single story with penthouse air handling equipment and outdoor standby diesel generators. The site also includes a cold storage data center facility managed and designed by AlfaTech to provide data storage services to meet the project goals to archive storage at reduced capital costs.

Equinix SV2 Santa Clara, CA TYPE: SIZE: ACCREDIATION Data Center 60,000 SF

LEED Certified

AlfaTech provided full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection engineering, technology design services and overall design project management for tenant improvement to this existing operational collocation facility. This $41 million project includes two separate 22,000 SF build-outs with necessary utility infrastructure upgrades. Electrical design includes live conversion of 2N Data Center spaces to a 3+1 block redundant design and redistribution of existing loads. Mechanical design includes payback analysis for rooftop air handlers with air side economizer and central plant chiller upgrades to optimize system efficiency and reliability. AlfaTech acted as the LEED NC program coordinator and developed design and construction strategies to obtain it’s recently awarded LEED Certified Level status. The firm managed the entire application and appeals process without the use of a LEED consultant, including online documentation of sustainable measures implemented for certification. In order to meet the high data center demand in California’s Silicon Valley, Equinix targeted a rapid expansion/ conversion of their existing SV2 facility located in Santa Clara. AlfaTech led the design team and completed the MEP design for this fast-paced project. We were able to complete the project ahead of schedule, reduce the overall project costs, and incorporate sustainable construction practices. This project was awarded the 2008 Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine’s Gold ARC Award for renovation and the Silicon Valley Power Energy Innovator Award in the “Energy Efficiency Partner” category at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Energy Summit.


Data Center 170,000 SF data center with 40,000 SF support space. LEED Gold

AlfaTech has provided full project management and MEPT design services for this greenfield data center project. The project includes 25MW of total power 18MW of critical power as well as parallel path designs for 5,000 ton chilled water plant utilizing pre-packaged modular chiller plant and full air side economizer air handling solution and an alternate, proprietary, refrigerant based cooling system. This project achieved LEED Gold status.

Equinix LA 1 IBX Facility

Data Center 61,000 SF Los Angeles, CA TYPE: SIZE:

This $31 million project was completed in one phase and consists of approximately 51,000 SF of collocation space, and 10,000 SF of storage area. The colocation area contains a proposed 530 cabinets and was designed with stand-alone mechanical and electrical systems with interconnections to the existing 6th floor collocation where necessary for reliability or where indicated in the initial single line and flow diagrams.

Equinix NY4, Phase 1

Data Center 217,000 SF Secaucus, NJ TYPE: SIZE:

AlfaTech was responsible for the entire design and design project management for the first phase for new tenant improvements for Equinix Data center. The build out will be constructed in multiple phases, with 2 others following. Phase 1 includes approximately 50,000 SF of COLO rack space with 1440 cabinets, a new customer care area, shipping/receiving area and back of house electrical and mechanical spaces to support the COLO space. Co-location area power load for users is 5120 kW with installed cooling capacity of 2500 tons for the 1st phase. This is a fast-track project with 2.5 months allowed for design. Our design responsibilities include architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, and security.

NxtVn Data Center Park

Data Farm 250 Acres Virginia Beach, VA TYPE: SIZE:

The firm provided global mission critical strategic planning and support for this large data center park provider. The company is also currently supporting a new proposed 22-building campus in Virginia Beach with new dedicated substations, underground fiber infrastructure, new undersea cable landing station, and data halls capable of supporting 336 MW of critical load.

Symantec Data Center

Tucson, AZ


Data Center, Office 40,000 SF Data Center / 120,000 SF Total LEED Gold

AlfaTech provided project management, architectural, MEP design, civil, and structural engineering services for the design of a new data center in an existing shell. The project included 25,000 SF of data center rack space with 4MW of IT load, infrastructure for an additional 15,000 SF future data center space, 4MW of IT load, and a 46kV electrical substation on site. This included the main equipment and components of certain systems such as HVAC for support rooms and offices, building management systems, life safety and fire alarm systems. The project included an N+1 design concept with chilled water and air handling units providing cooling under a raised floor.

Adobe NA1 Data Center


Data Center Phase 1: 70,000 SF , Phase 2 100,000 SF LEED Gold

Size: 70,000 SF Adobe Systems selected AlfaTech to perform design services for its DC1 data center project located in the State of Oregon. This project is a greenfield design of a LEED Certified 70,000 SF steel and precast or tilt-up data center. The data center consists of approximately 30,000 SF of “data hall” space for IT/Server equipment, electrical, mechanical, and mezzanine rooms for critical infrastructure, office space, loading dock, and equipment storage. The design included 7,500 kW of critical IT power to the data hall, which was fed from 12kV main switchgear, new transformers and new UPS modules, new PDU’s and new distribution. HVAC is evaporative cooling plus supplemental direct expansion cooling. Design of hot aisle and cold aisle containment was also included. The construction included the complete building shell and a single 3MW POD with accommodations for expansion of the remaining 4.5MW. (Phase 2) – LEED GOLD Size: 100,000 SF The firm provided full project management services for over 100,000 SF of mission critical data center infrastructure. This includes configuration of 5+1 block redundant electrical topology with RTU indirect evaporative cooling. Phase II expansion consists of 1.8Mw block and addition of supporting IDEC units, multiple UPS units and generator.


Sunnyvale, CA


Data Center, Mixed Use 7,000 SF Data Center / 350,000 SF Total LEED Gold

We provided full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for this campus project. The project consisted of four buildings, warm core and shell, with labs, 7,000 SF data center with server load and UPS 1,500 kW, amenities building, fitness center, cafeteria, office space, meeting areas and a parking garage.


Charles Schwab Multiple Locations

• San Ramon, CA • Santa Rosa, CA

• Dallas, TX • Austin, TX


Data Center, Mixed Use 1,750,000+ SF LEED Gold

• El Paso, TX • Boston, MA • Paramus, NJ • White Plains, NY • Charlotte, NC • Charleston, SC • Orlando, FL • Richfield, OH • Phoenix, AZ • Denver, CO • Indianapolis, IN

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering services as well as technology design for several projects totaling over 1.75m SF for this client. These projects included campuses, tech and data center evaluations, TI’s, feasibility studies, computer room upgrades and retail branches, at locations across the country. The newest retail branch location achieved LEED Gold certification for its sustainable features such as PV as a renewable energy source, low-flow water fixtures, and low VOC finishes.

Vodafone (formerly Exodus) Data Center 1.5 million+ SF Multiple Locations Worldwide TYPE: SIZE: AlfaTech served Exodus (aka Cable & Wireless) in several projects worldwide providing project management, architecture, and engineering design including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services developing corporate data center design standards and implementing detailed designs for well over 2 million SF of data center facilities both nationally and internationally. These projects are 7/24 fully redundant raised floor data centers with complete UPS and generator backup systems. All projects consist of approximately 80% raised floor and 20% support facilities.

International Projects: Singapore - 50,000 SF Paris - 35,000 SF Amsterdam - 45,000 SF Sydney- 50,000 SF Toronto - 400,000 SF London - 100,000 SF Frankfurt - 130,000 SF

US Projects: Seattle, WA - 500,000 SF Irvine, CA - 115,000 SF Santa Clara, CA - 300,000 SF Chicago, IL - 400,000 SF Austin, TX - 75,000 SF Dallas, TX - 160,000 SF

Norzetta Data Center

Data Center 1.14 PUE Rjukan, Norway TYPE: SIZE:

AlfaTech provided comprehensive site selection and conceptual design as well as engineering design for this 380,000 SF, 140MW project in Norway for two major US corporations and two European companies. The project scope includes state-of-the-art MEP design and is projected to comply with 1.14 PUE.


Santa Clara, CA


Data Center, Offices 72,000 SF data center, 18,000 SF office LEED Gold

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design and engineering services for this fast track project completed in 2011. The project consists of the replacement of an existing single story concrete tilt-up building with a new 2-story building including 72,000 SF of Tier III Data Center space and 18,000 SF of building common, core, and office. The design incorporates hot and cold-aisle containment strategies and is intended to obtain LEED Gold level certification.

Digital Realty Santa Clara, CA


Data Center 41,800 SF Data Center / 54,250 SF Total

The facility consists of two stories, 54,250 SF which houses a 41,800 SF data center white space with an outdoor electrical equipment yard on the east side of the building. The facility uses direct exchange cooling unit Liebert DSE equipment, with Liebert DSE condensing equipment located on the roof. The equipment yard comprises five 2,000 kW diesel generators, pad mounted switchgear and pad mounted transformers. The building is designed for 24” raised access floors throughout the data center suites.


Wenatchee, WA


Data Center, Strategic Planning and Programming 85,000 SF total / Central Data Center LEED Platinum

AlfaTech supported both the initial build and multiple expansion phases for VMware’s 20K SF of Tier II Data Center space. During the initial construction, AlfaTech provided project management and technical design peer review. AlfaTech was then retained for the full design and construction management of the first expansion, adding 10K SF of Tier II data center space. AlfaTech was also retained for full design and construction management of the second expansion, adding 25k SF of Tier III data center space.

Confidential Data Center

Confidential Location


Data Center Confidential

LEED Platinum

AlfaTech provided overall project construction management including on site observation and project tracking and reporting services through the duration of construction for this greenfield site, including interfacing with the local general contractor and regular reporting back to the US based client. In addition to providing overall management of the design build team and on-site project tracking services, AlfaTech provided the project basis of design and peer review of the design build team construction documentation to ensure a complete, and consistent design. This peer review effort included substation design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecom and communications, architectural, structural, civil, fire protection, controls, LEED consulting, and life safety services for this extremely energy efficient data center project.

Confidential Modular Data Center

Modular Data Center Confidential Confidential Location TYPE: SIZE:

AlfaTech provided engineering support to the custom modular data center manufacturer in developing design strategies and documentation for Owner review and approval. AlfaTech attended on-site reviews of system installation as well as consulted with the manufacturing company for equipment selection and sizing as well as implementation of the modular building assembly on site. The scope of work included specific consulting on mechanical system design including air handler design, construction, controls, and operation. Electrical engineering scope of work included connections to the sub-station power source, routing and sizing of power feeders to the site, design and construction of the modular electrical room facility and design and construction of the power distribution to the data hall and servers. Through on site reviews, AlfaTech optimized the design and off-site construction activities to improve operation and performance as well as operational parameters for the completed facility.

Confidential Data Center

Confidential Location


Data Center Confidential


AlfaTech provided site selection support including multiple designs for alternate sites in the Midwest area of the US, followed by overall design team project management, as well as site master planning, MEP, telecom and communications, architectural, structural, civil, fire protection, controls, wind study, LEED consulting, and life safety services for this extremely energy efficient data center project. The site included design for the on-site substation as well as innovation design adaptations to support critical core IT spaces, addressing the ongoing changes in the client’s requirements.

Confidential Data Center

Confidential Location


Data Center Confidential


We are providing master planning for this project which consists of five single-story buildings connected by a common administrative area with penthouse level direct evaporative cooling with outdoor air. This also includes general electric rooms cooled with split DSE system. This project was designed for a 90mph wind load and sand shield for outside air intake.

Confidential Data Center

Confidential Location


Data Center Confidential


AlfaTech provided site master planning, building design and construction administration services for this project which contained eight single story data halls connected by an administration building with penthouse level direct evaporative cooled air handled equipment, rooftop condensing units and outdoor standby diesel generators to accommodate approximately 4,000 cabinets/32 MW critical IT load.

Confidential Data Center

Confidential Location


Data Center Confidential


AlfaTech provided site selection support, overall design and project management. The full range of services included: site master planning, MEP, telecom and communications, architectural, structural, civil, fire protection, controls, wind study, LEED Consulting, and life safety services for this extremely energy efficient data center project which has direct evaporative cooling and n+1 block redundant electrical topologies. Multiple standby generators and over 30MW of critical load. This project represents the second data center we were involved in with this client.

Confidential Data Center

Confidential Location


Data Center 1,000,000 SF


AlfaTech provided site selection support and overall master planning and building design and project management. The project contained eight single story data halls connected by an administration building with penthouse level direct evaporative cooled air handled equipment, rooftop condensing units and outdoor standby diesel. This is the second campus for this client in this location and will ultimately expand to over 1,000,000 SF of data center space.

Confidential Client Data Center, Office Multiple Locations TYPE:

A1 - Cupertino, CA Size: 50,000 SF Data Center / 2,000,000 SF Total AlfaTech completed design development documentation and design-build specifications to support bidding of a data center design-build project within a 50,000 SF office campus tenant improvement project. Innovative cold aisle containment design was described in bid documents by AlfaTech which ultimately was incorporated into final design. A2 - Cupertino, CA Size: 80,000 SF AlfaTech provided overall design and project management as well as comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering services, acoustical, architectural, structural, civil, telecom and communications paging systems, controls, wind study and life safety services for this data center facility for this technology company.

A3 - Newark, CA Size: 120,000 SF

AlfaTech provided overall design team project management as well as acoustical, architectural, structural, civil, telecom and communications, paging systems, MEP, fire protection, controls, wind study and life safety services for this confidential project. The overall plan included new central and cooling plants. Engineering services including master planning, central utility plant, engineering evaluations for various design options and ultimately design of shell/core and TI.

Confidential Data Center Client

Data Center 400,000 SF Santa Clara, CA TYPE: SIZE:

The scope of work for this project included preliminary engineering design in support of the planning and other local jurisdiction approvals for a new master planned core and shell data center facility to be located on a 15-acre site in Santa Clara, CA. Subsequent phases included design and construction administration services for the full tenant improvements of the data center. The facility will have an approximate floor area of 400,000 square feet and will be a two ‐ story building with approximately 120,000 square feet of data center white space with an outdoor electrical equipment yard on the side of the building. The facility will use row mounted overhead cooling units constructed in a 2N configuration. Chillers and other support equipment will be located on the building roof. The equipment yard will house electrical infrastructure equipment and standby generators to support a Tier 4 generator with electrical service distributed at 13.8 kV with 13.8 kV UPS supporting the entire facility. The full design of the tenant improvements included design details to the extent required for Uptime certification.

Confidential Data Center Client

Data Center 146,400 SF Novi Sad, Serbia TYPE: SIZE:

AlfaTech is providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection engineering and technology design services for this Class A, single-user, tier 3 data center corporate headquarters project which consists of approximately 13,900m2/146,400sqf GBA (10,500m2/111,400sqf GBA of above ground areas and 3,250m2/35,000sqf GBA of underground garage), on land it on land that was recently acquired from the city of Novi Sad, Serbia ( Radnička Street, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Confidential Client

Data Center 160,000 SF Santa Clara, CA TYPE: SIZE:

The firm provided full project management for 160,000 SF multistory mission critical data center in Silicon Valley. This is a fully base isolated steel and concrete structure and the project included full buildout of electrical and mechanical infrastructure. The project configuration is multiple N+2 block redundant electrical topologies with standby generators and over 16MW of critical load.

AlfaTech & Partners

Confidential Middle East Ministry Of Defense Data Center

Data Center Confidential Confidential Location TYPE: SIZE:

AlfaTech provided design review services of this underground data center complex. Review included assessment of multiple data center facilities within a complex of buildings under construction. Design review comments were provided for incorporation into the overall design documents for the facility. AlfaTech also conducted a site visit to review the initial phase of construction and installation of the core equipment in support of the data center. A due diligence report was provided to document the installation deficiencies as well as recommendations for corrective actions and design improvements for future phases of construction.

Confidential Client

Abu Dhabi, UAE


New Construction 40,000 SF Total

AlfaTech is providing mechanical, electrical, public health and fire protection engineering and low voltage, audio visual and security technology design services for this project which is comprised of two new chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive resistant buildings. Building 1 will be a Built-Up Area (BUA) of approximately 30,000 SF and is composed of 3 basement floors (one level parking, accommodation & offices), ground floor (offices), and 1 floor (offices). Service areas to include but not limited to toilets, waste disposal, medical room, water & food storage, general storage, kitchen equipment, prayer room, mortuary room, water tanks, generator room, control room, isolation and decontamination room on ground floor. Building 2 will be a 2-basement floor building BUA of approximately 10,000 SF(1 floor for accommodations and 1 for offices). This is a design-assist project with MEP bid construction (conceptual/schematic design, basis of design and performance specifications) to be prepared for the design-build contractor. The design-build contractor will be the Engineer of Record.

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